Q: How does the device accurately recognize snoring?

A: Once powered on, the device will analyze the user's snoring data for 30 seconds to 1 minute to determine the appropriate learning model to use. The device comes preset with 40 snoring data models and 8 learning models. When a new, more appropriate model is detected, the device will replace the current model in use. This deep learning function greatly improves the accuracy of snoring recognition.

Q: How does the device determine the level of intervention?

A: This device learns your snoring severity and sleep patterns with each use - and adjusts accordingly. Thus we recommend using this several nights as each night the device will learn your patterns. For example - the device will remember at what setting snoring was prevented, and the device will maintain intervention at that level. If the user stops snoring for a prolonged period of time, the device will reset the intensity and start from level 1 again.

Q: Under what circumstances will the device not intervene?

A: The device will not intervene when it detects significant movement of the head. This is to account for the fact that the user may be half awake when using the device. To improve the user experience, the device will also not intervene when it detects very minor snoring or vibrations from the user.

Q: How long until I see results?

A: You can experience the effects on the first night of use, but we recommend using it for more than a week for the best results as the device adapts to your sleep patterns and gets better with each use.

How to Use It?


Important: Before use - Wipe chin cleanly with soap and water to remove any grease so the adhesives stick! Very important.


Place device and adhesive pad together, then peel off the protective film


Turn on unit by pressing button on side and place device under chin where comfortable.


Fall asleep as normal and allow the device to discretely adjust your snoring when detected! Each night the device learns your patterns and get's smarter. It improves the more you wear it.


When you wake up, simply turn off the device and check the app to see your progress for sleeping!