Stop Snoring from the Very  First  Night.

Melanie Sanders | Sunday, July 11, 2021

Say goodbye to mouthguards, strips or straps! 

  Why 1,000s of people are trying this Natural Alternative

  • No Strips

  • No Tubes

  • Just Sleep

  • No Strips

  • No Tubes

  • Just Sleep

A partner that snores? It's very common.

Apart from the nuisance, it can also have symptoms that carry on through the day such as frequent Daytime Sleepiness, Headaches and mood swings.

However, there is a new, no mouth guard, strap or strip solution that is taking place of regular snore alternatives.

It's called, Sleepify, an at-home portable device that listens through out the night for snoring and discretely corrects it within seconds.

  What is it & How is this Different?

“Just tried this, and fell asleep for 8 hours and finally felt rested!” - Jeff C.

The main difference with the Sleepify Device is this discretely corrects snoring, regardless of sleep position and with out the causing any discomfort or disturbance throughout the night.

As soon you begin snoring, the device discretely stimulates and contracts Flaccid muscles around the throat using EMS technology and In seconds you go from snoring, back to healthy silent breathing. 

It's safe, effective, and it works regardless what position you sleep in! This was just released and our readers have been raving about it.


Other Solutions

Discrete and effective.

Most alternatives simply do not work for the root cause of snoring. This opens up airways while still allowing you to sleep in any position.


Most solutions are simply not comfortable. This is placed under the chin and works for side sleepers as well without falling off. 

Sleep Tracking Functionality

You will be able to feel the difference along with seeing the progress of improved sleep and less snoring throughout the night.

Silent & Portable

This doesn’t make a sound making it perfect for the partner next to you.

  • Safe

  • Pain Free

  • Effective

UPDATE: Product is currently in stock and offering over 50% OFF! That’s the lowest price that has ever been offered! Check here for availability.

56 minutes ago

  Is it comfortable? Is it Safe?

Sleepify uses a hybrid EMS and bluetooth technology that is safe and effective.

Whether you sleep on your side or breathe through your mouth or nose, the device will adjust to you. It also comes with adhesive pads to ensure a secure placement all night long.

How to Use It?

The Sleepify Device is very simple to use simply turn it on and sleep as normal!


Turn on unit and place device under chin where comfortable


Fall asleep as normal and allow the device to discretely adjust your snoring when detected!


When you wake up, simply turn off the device and place the device back on the charging station!

  Where Can I Order This?

You can order the Sleepify device directly from the Website here. If you click the link and they say they are out of stock then you can always check back at a later time. They ship within 24 hours and delivery takes anywhere from 1-4 days.

UPDATE: Product is currently in stock and offering over 50% OFF! That’s the lowest price that has ever been offered! Check here for availability.

56 minutes ago

This product is finally back in stock and available. Get yours on sale now, only while supplies last!

  • BE ADVISED: This has completely sold out twice in the past several months, so please hurry if interested.


Penny B.

Absolutely love this product! I don't usually write reviews but I need to share my experience. My husband has used this now for 3 weeks, and it's been working ever since, simple to use and he's staying consistent. We love it! I would write more but limited on characters.

9 minutes ago

David R.

Huge improvement for me! I have tried other alternatives, the bottom line is many others are uncomfortable. I was hesitant to try this out but could see the logic behind it, long story short, this was comfortable for me and helped after a couple uses.

17 minutes ago

Alan B.

Works for me as well! I've been using this for about 5 weeks now!

34 minutes ago

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