Open Letter To All Dog Parents:

Vet Reveals Her Biggest Secret For Keeping
Dogs Active Well Into Their Golden Years!

By Dr Shawna Huston

5 min read

Dear dog parent,
My name is Shawna Huston and I’ve been a vet for over 10 years.

And despite the fact every dog is different, their longevity, happiness and everyday energy is all controlled by:

Stiffening joints.

Now, please don’t disregard this issue as an ‘old dog’s problem’ because it’s not. In fact, studies have shown dogs as young as one year old can show signs of joint issues1.

To put that into perspective, the average dog lives to about 10 years old, which is only 3650 days…

…and if your dog’s joint issues start when they are just one year old…

…that means they only get to enjoy those first 365 days of their life properly.

The rest of their lives might be spent dealing with the discomfort and limitations of stiffening joints.

Just like a bicycle that doesn’t get taken care of properly…