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"We Are BOTH SO THANKFUL! I Purchased This For My 12 Year Old Lab Mix As He's Got Mobility Issues With The Back Legs. It's Been 3 Weeks And Already A Difference!"


Reduce Aches & Pains With 5-Minute Sessions.

Cold Laser Therapy Helps With Pain, Inflammation & More.

Professional Grade LLLT With 5 Laser Diodes.

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Proven Technology At your Home?

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The Best I've Looked in Years!

I've read the reviews and I am just writing my review to confirm a similar experience 💜 It does work if you are consistent and after using it 4-5 days a week and I'm 8 weeks in, and my body has improved overall. Couldn't be happier!

  • There's a reason why 1,000s of people are switching to this convenient solution...

  • It's a new, at-home solution that is taking place of expensive alternatives.

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Who is this best for?

  • Restless pet? They will love this.

  • This unique patented unit gives the powerful dose in just minutes. In 2 minutes it can stimulate ALL layers from the tissues, muscles, and joints.

  • 1. The treatment head is 340% bigger so it can finish a treatment in 3 minutes, vs 10-20 minutes.

  • 2. Has 5 Dense Laser Diodes with 3 Modes of Power to accommodate to any area. It also uses wavelengths 660nm and 850nm.

  • It can accelerate this healing process, reduce the inflammation on the targeted area while naturally decreasing pain.

Problem AreaStomachArmsLegsBackAnd More!
Average Session Times5 Minutes5 Minutes10 Minutes5 Minutes+3 Other Areas
Problem AreaStomach
BackAnd More!
Average Session Times5 Minutes
5 Minutes10 Minutes
5 Minutes+3 Other Areas

Results as early as 2 Weeks.

℗ Some users will report seeing a smoother appearance after the very first couple uses...

And for others it will take several weeks to start noticing a difference. The speed of results will vary on factors such as consistency, starting point and lifestyle changes.

Based on users reporting their results, It typically takes 1-2 weeks to see the initial difference when used it 4 times a week.

Step 1

Sculpting & Smoothing with LLLT.

LLLT & Fat Cells

The first step is using LLLT which is a powerful form of Light Therapy.

This is what begins the body contouring and shaping process by breaking down Fat Cells.

We start by using 8 clinical strength laser light diodes with optimum wavelengths so the beams can penetrate deep into the subcutaneous layer of

The skin and enter the cells of fat or "adipose cells".

The contents such as fatty acids and triglycerides are slowly released, absorbed into the blood stream and eliminated from the body via natural process.

This is called "lipolysis".

Above shows the effect of LLLT and fat cells through this process.

LLLT is one the few solutions on the market used in 1,000s of clinics as a non-surgical alternative used to help reduce both cellulite and fat.

Naturally flushed out by body

Similar to how dietary fiber is expelled, most of it is naturally flushed out by the body naturally.

But this is where the Shape Beauty massager really helps this detox process.

Step 2

Using the Massager to Enhance.

Enhance the Smoothing process.

Next we want to increase circulation and lymphatic drainage to accelerate the process to help detox the remaining contents.

This is done through Micro-Vibrations.

What's unique. the fastest recorded 3,300 RPMs which gently quickly sends micro vibrations to smooth and break up the targeted areas for a firmer look.

Pro Tip

For those that don't want to slim or reduce size in areas, you can simply turn off the light and just use the massager to help smooth lumps and bumps.

But wait ...

What about skin tightening for looser areas?

There's one more added benefit that LLLT provides. And that's the skin tightening effect by boosting collagen.

Step 3

Skin Tightening & Smoothing

The Skin Tightening Process

What about sagging or loose skin?

Red light therapy enhances the skin naturally through the entire session. It does this by stimulating the Dermal Fibroblasts. This boosts Collagen.This is important for skin tightening.

Dermal Fibroblasts are the main cell types present in skin connective tissue which are important for boosting collagen production and replacing skin cells.


Not All Red light is the same.

Not all red light is the same...

This means Outdated Technology = No results.




Powerful Laser Light Therapy

This alone makes the treatment very powerful giving the enhanced effect of tightening and slimming.

Strong Power RPMs

It's required to have a strong enough output RPM power to provide a deeper tissue effect. This has over 3,300 RPMs.

Quick treatment times

This treatment can be done in 10-15 minutes vs others can be 15-30 minutes.

Pain Free & Safe

This is not only safe, but very comfortable to use making it easy to stick too.

Save $1,000s Per Year

Replace less effective at-home options with this saving time and money.

How to use?

The Shape Beauty is very simple to use and requires just 10-15 min per day 4 times per week. It comes

with comprehensive guides on how to get the most out of it.


Turn on to desired strength, depending on area


Turn on Red Light & massage on area for 3-7 minutes with gentle pressure.


Done! Use on other areas and repeat 4 times per week.

The Bottom Line

It takes just 10-15 minutes at home. Some of us don't want to go through expensive alternatives and would rather try a powerful and natural home alternative first. Now you can have professional grade technology at home, without having to waste the extra time and money at clinics.

It's the perfect time to prioritize yourself and try this during the sale. We hope you found this information helpful, if you are interested in ordering one for yourself, scroll below!

Where Can I Order This?

You can order the Shape Beauty from the Website here. They ship within 24 hours from Arizona, Mon-Fri. If you click the link and they say they are out of stock then you can always check back at a later time.

This product is finally back in stock and available directly on their

website. Get yours on sale now, only while supplies last!

  • Be Advised

This product is finally back in stock and available directly on their

website. Get yours on sale now, only while supplies last!

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